The Baxley News-Banner recently featured Parker’s 40th Anniversary. Click below to read the piece and learn the history of Parker’s and how another generation is looking to move it forward.

Patrick’s first hire was Appling County native Rilene Folsom, who was recommended to him on three separate occasions before he visited her at home to seek her help. Parker says she was a great manager for a fledgling business as she “knew everybody in town” and had a near lifetime of experience working at Tomberlin Grocery, another family store run by her mother. While Folsom had been a seasoned cashier since age eight, Parker confesses that he didn’t know much about the business when he opened in 1984. But with Rilene’s help, his first venture prospered from the “get-go.”

The property was owned by Patrick’s father, and Folsom was on-site as construction took place. Serving as the sole manager for 19 years, she describes the store’s opening as “the most exciting thing to happen in Baxley at the time.” She was happy to cover shifts whenever her hires were sick or tied up and says Parker was always willing to help with merchandise and inventory. “We backed each other up,” she says.”